5lb Eden Chub March 2010

Since my capture of a stunning 4lb + chub I have been back to the river Eden to try and beat my new PB. I must have done around fifteen more sessions on the river until last week when the season came to an end. During these sessions I had been unable to update my blog due to family commitments and work but now had some time to write about my trips. Since I smashed my PB with a 4lb 10oz chub on bread I have caught three more 4lb Chub. (4lb 8oz bottom left, 4lb 1oz, 4lb 6oz) all fell to lob worm on a long shank korda hook held on the bottom with two swan split shot.

Equipped with my new 9ft mach 1 Shakespeare feeder rod I travelled to the Eden on Saturday 14th March one day before the close season hoping to beat my PB. I had some lob worms on me and decided to fish the other side of the bridge where I had not done a lot of fishing. I must have walked around two miles flicking in my bait into every shaggy swim that looked like it held chub but with no luck. I caught a good perch of around a pound but no chub; it was just a matter of finding them. On my way back to the bridge from my long walk I fished the swims again. On one swim a tree had fallen and completely blocked the river creating a great holding area for chub. Chucking my bait close to the snags my rod instantly bent around and after a good fight I landed a 3lb chub. (No one to take the picture though). Just before the capture of the chub I landed a pike upstream which somehow didn’t break my line. I estimated it at around 7lb and it put up a great fight on light tackle but was not the target species.

I continued to fish the river back to the road and decided to drive to the other side which I usually fish. Slipping into a swim that usually produces I manage to catch a fish of around 2lb. My favourite swim was taken at this time and so I continued fishing down the river. There was a man on the other corner swim who after talking to confirmed he was the angler fishing my favourite corner swim and he explained that he had now moved as there was no sign of any fish. I gathered my equipment and headed around to the swim where the anglers colleague who he was fishing with advised me they had put some bait in (hopefully not ground bait I thought). I cast out as usual close to the left hand snags 15 ft out or so and waited for a bite. Within five minutes the rod tip twitched and the line went slack. I reeled in to regain the tension but the line went slack again so I reeled in and connected with a decent fish. After a great fight in which the fish tried every trick in the book I had a 4lb chub in the net RESULT! Usually I find once I have caught a fish from a swim it goes quiet for a while and I usually like to leave it and come back but today I had fished all other available swims and it was getting late so I decided to re-cast. After 15 minutes or so the rod repeated its previous actions and I was into what I thought was a pike. It tried to snag me up numerous times and had so much power. After a few surges I caught a glimpse of a chub and I realised I was attached to a truly great fish. After an amazingly strong fight the chub was in the net. It was truly massive and I thought it may have gone 6lb. It went 5lb (picture below) on the dot and although looked bigger I was well chuffed. Can’t wait to get back to the river next winter. Chub rods away now and carp rods out. I have just received my ticket for Chertsey CEMEX Lake and have plans to fish Twynersh. (Carp and roach). I will update you on these sessions and let you know what the summer brings. Please check out the video of my 5lb chub below.
Tight lines.

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