River Medway 2011

After a long wait I have now joined a local club that offers numerous lakes and river stretches which hold carp to over 40lb, barbel to 16lb, chub to over 7lb and all the other specimen fish I could wish for. I cannot name the club, lakes or river stretches as they support a strict publicity ban and I am not willing to compromise my membership.

As June 16th slowly arrived I planned my sessions and decided to fish for an elusive Medway barbel. I knew that the dedicated fishermen would be on the banks on the 15th camping waiting for the clock to turn at 12am and the fishing season begin. I set the alarm for 2am and got to the river banks at around 3.30 – 4am. New members must be a member for at least a year before a night permit can be issued so this was the best I could do. I had checked out all the lakes and rivers prior to fishing them to familiarise myself with the swims and help me select the correct tackle for the job. On these visits to various venues during closed season I found some large chub over 6lb and some huge carp but no barbel. I will target the carp once I receive my night permit.

I had taken two days off work to have a good crack at netting a barbel and on arrival I found most of them still spawning. So much for closed season!!!. It was great to see and although they were not feeding watching double figure barbel splashing around in the shallows was quite amazing. At least I had a good count of the stock the stretch was home to. I still decided to have go since I was there and had made such an effort. After all the chub would still be feeding. I managed to catch a 4lb + chub on lob worm so I had somthing to show for my efforts. I will be back.

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